Research Account Registration

Research users include healthcare professionals, academics, or organizations that are conducting bonafide medical research that they plan to make publicly and freely available.  Qualified research use of is generally free.

Researchers must register using an official university or organization email address; we cannot process research account registrations from those using free or commercial email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and the like.  Before we can approve a research account registration, we must be able to verify that you are who you say you are.

Do not register for a research account if you intend to use the test with patients who are receiving medical services, if you do not have a verifiable university or organization email address, or you plan to use the test for anything other than bonafide medical research that will be made publicly and freely available.  Instead, please register as an Individual/Patient or Healthcare Provider.

To register for a research account, please fill out and submit the registration form below.  Fields outlined in red are required.
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Optional Information
Optional information will be used for greetings, to identify your results, and for research purposes, and will not be shared or used otherwise.
Practice/Organization Information
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Organization Information
Please provide the following information for the organization conducting the research.
Practitioner Information
Please provide the below information for the practitioner who will be using the test.  If your organization has multiple practitioners and you'd like to have them listed as referrers individually, please contact us after registering.
Researcher Information
Please provide the following information for the researcher who is primarily responsible for the research or for using
Research Information
Referring Healthcare Provider
If you were referred to the site by your healthcare provider and would like to share your test results with them, please choose their name from the dropdown list (you can search the list by typing after you've clicked the dropdown):
If your referrer isn't listed here, please let us know so we can contact them and add them to the list.

(Note:  If you are a healthcare provider and would like to be listed here so you can receive patient test results directly from, please register using our Healthcare Provider Registration Form.)
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